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At Cheatah, we prioritize the security of your game account. We offer the best-performing, most secure and premium cheats for FPS games.

Cheatah is on your side to provide you with high quality cheats at competitive prices in order to ensure wins and a high experience during your game play in a variety of games. As a result, our products are Undetected cheats hacks & aimbots, in order to ensure a balance of cost and quality.

In addition to the quality, we also give competitive offers and special offers and deals, ensuring a unique experience for you.

Stay tuned to discover new products coming soon, as well as new payment methods – offers and upcoming products with premium and limited versions for even better performance and better gaming experience.

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FEATURES of splitgate cheat

- Skeletons ESP
- Box ESP
- Tag ESP (Health, Name, Distance)
- Snap lines ESP
- Visibility checks






- Smooth & rage aimbot
- Smart target selection
- Aim bones
- Dead zone

- Speed hack
- Anti Recoil & Spread
- Custom Field of View
- Increase weapon fire rate
- Increase thrust on jetpack








10$ 4.55$

- Instant Delivery
- Priority Support
- Fully Undetected


30$ 15$

- Instant Delivery
- Priority Support
- Fully Undetected


40$ 25$

- Instant Delivery
- Priority Support
- Fully Undetected

User Reviews

Played a ton of games with the cheat. I have to say that I am impressed. I haven't gotten banned and I have won a few games. I like to play legit so I can't really rate the rage features of the cheat. I think the cheat is fairly priced and I would recommend it to anyone. There is some cons as well. I really hate that the cheat doesn't have a config section. Every time you reset your game or re-inject, you have to set up the cheat settings again. I also don't like that there isn't a "Remember me" option when logging in into the loader Overall rating - 4/5


User Reviews

Very special, wonderful, there are no errors, and the support staff makes you happy in everything, and the price is good.

ala ahmad

User Reviews

Best PUBG product i've ever seen, highly recommended!



One of the best undetected Splitgate cheat and aimbot, ever developed, our priority is keeping your account safe from game bans.

Truly undetected, it offers a plethora of features such as ESP for players, vehicles, and loot, as well as a powerful humanized aimbot. We also provide some unique features, such as disabling player collision and modifying camera's field of view.

Our developers, with years of experience in the field, have made it a priority to avoid bans, so their products have not been involved in a single ban wave.

Additionally, their main goal is to meet your needs, and therefore your opinion, whether positive or negative counts, as they evolve their work based on your needs.

Therefore, Splitgate cheat guarantees, a completely safe and good experience, as it can assure you wins and optimize your skills as a player.

Cheatah provides top quality performance combined with reliable, secure and completely undetected Splitgate cheats & aimbots. More importantly, our products are free of ban risks, since there wasn’t any ban wave(s) associated with our products.

Additionally, our products delivery is instant after your order, and we offer unique prices and deals, based on your preferences!

Finally, our support team in daily cooperation with our developers, they support you 24/7!


IS SPLITGATE Cheat Undetected?

Cheatah provides top quality performance combined with reliable, secure and completely undetected cheats hacks & aimbots. Our products are free of ban risks.

How long does it take to receive my product?

Product delivery is instant after your order.

When it was the last ban wave?

There wasn’t any ban wave(s) associated with our products.

How can I get involved?

Please send us an email at [email protected] or dm us at discord (Ch#5320) if further questions arise.

Are discounts included?

Learn more about our offers in the current offers section!