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At Cheatah, we prioritize the security of your game account. We offer the best-performing, most secure and premium cheats for FPS games.

Cheatah is on your side to provide you with high quality cheats at competitive prices in order to ensure wins and a high experience during your game play in a variety of games. As a result, our products are Undetected cheats hacks & aimbots, in order to ensure a balance of cost and quality.

In addition to the quality, we also give competitive offers and special offers and deals, ensuring a unique experience for you.

Stay tuned to discover new products coming soon, as well as new payment methods – offers and upcoming products with premium and limited versions for even better performance and better gaming experience.

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FEATURES of farlight 84 cheat

- Players ESP
- Skeletons ESP
- Snaplines ESP
- Boxes ESP
- Current Weapon ESP

- Kills & Assists ESP
- Items ESP
- Minimum Rarity for Items ESP
- Airdrops and Crates ESP
- Vehicle ESP

- Smooth Aimbot
- Prediction
- Visibility Check
- Field of View Check
- Weapon Check
- Target Knocked Players
- Dead Zone
- Multiple Aim Bones
- Targeting Selections (FOV, Health, Distance)

- Patch Weapon Spread
- Patch Weapon Recoil
- Instant Reload
- Increase FOV
- Increase Game Speed (Speedhack)


Status: Updated


10€ 6€

- Instant Delivery
- Priority Support
- Fully Undetected


30€ 16€

- Instant Delivery
- Priority Support
- Fully Undetected


40€ 25€

- Instant Delivery
- Priority Support
- Fully Undetected

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User Reviews

5/5, best pubg hack i used so far, aimbot is good for legit or rage, and also esp is amazing, 0 lag or drop fps for me.


User Reviews

Support 10/10 Cheetos 10/10 All i can say is just WOW


User Reviews

I have to say that this is one of the best services I've ever been to. Before I talk about the amazing support, let's talk a little about the PUBG hacks. I've been here for 3-4 months on their service, and they just add things, make updates, sometimes remove features temporarily so you won't get a ban until they fix it and a lot of other crazy features. I have a number of friends here who are here with me on this Discord and purchased with me, and we are all just satisfied to an indescribable level. The first hacks we didn't get a global ban from PUBG. If you know how to play smart, not to receive reports from players and more - you simply will not get banned and you will protect yourself from all this. If you play at low levels or no ranks and play a suspect, don't be surprised what you get Ban. Their support? I must especially mention CH who gives amazing support, is attentive and knows how to compensate even before the temporarily removed feature is back. (as compensation from him, which is amazing). Regarding - Synapse also gives amazing support, answers in chats quite quickly and I will be happy to support you as much as possible

Undetected PUBG Cheat & Aimbot

Farlight 84 CHEAT

One of the best undetected Farlight 84 cheat and aimbot, ever developed.

Our priority is keeping your account safe from game bans making us a trusted choice for Farlight 84 players worldwide..

Truly undetected, it offers a plethora of features such as ESP for players, vehicles, and loot, as well as a powerful humanized aimbot. We also provide some unique features, such as disabling player collision and modifying camera's field of view.

Our developers, with years of experience in the field, have made it a priority to avoid bans, so their products have not been involved in a single ban wave.

Additionally, their main goal is to meet your needs, and therefore your opinion, whether positive or negative counts, as they evolve their work based on your needs.

Therefore, Farlight 84 cheat guarantees, a completely safe and good experience, as it can assure you wins and optimize your skills as a player.

Cheatah provides top quality performance combined with reliable, secure and completely undetected Farlight 84 cheat & aimbot.

More importantly, our products are free of ban risks, since there wasn’t any ban wave(s) associated with our products.

Additionally, our products delivery is instant after your order, and we offer unique prices and deals, based on your preferences!

Finally, our support team in daily cooperation with our developers, they support you 24/7!

Our Farlight 84 cheat is packed with unique features that set us apart from the competition.

Farlight 84 cheat is designed to enhance your gaming experience. With features like ESP for players, vehicles, and loot, you'll have all the information you need to make strategic decisions and outsmart your enemies.

Our powerful aimbot ensures your shots hit their mark every time, giving you an  advantage over your opponents.

Are you looking for an edge in your Farlight 84 gameplay? Look no further.

Our Farlight 84 cheat is not only undetected but also offers a plethora of features that will give you the upper hand in every battle.

Farlight 84 CHEAT Q/A

IS Farlight 84 Cheat Undetected?

Cheatah provides top quality performance combined with reliable, secure and completely undetected cheats hacks & aimbots. Our products are free of ban risks.

How long does it take to receive my product?

Product delivery is instant after your order.

When it was the last ban wave?

There wasn’t any ban wave(s) associated with our products.

How can I get involved?

Please send us an email at [email protected] or dm us at discord (Ch#5320) if further questions arise.

Are discounts included?

Learn more about our offers in the current offers section!