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At Cheatah, we prioritize the security of your game account. We offer the best-performing, most secure and premium cheats for FPS games.

Cheatah is on your side to provide you with high quality cheats at competitive prices in order to ensure wins and a high experience during your game play in a variety of games. As a result, our products are Undetected cheats hacks & aimbots, in order to ensure a balance of cost and quality.

In addition to the quality, we also give competitive offers and special offers and deals, ensuring a unique experience for you.

Stay tuned to discover new products coming soon, as well as new payment methods – offers and upcoming products with premium and limited versions for even better performance and better gaming experience.

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Cheatah provides top quality performance combined with reliable, secure and completely Undetected cheats hacks & aimbots. Our products are free of ban risks.

Currently Cheatah provides products for the following games:PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, Overwatch 2, Farlight 84, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt, Rogue Company, & Splitgate.

There wasn’t any ban wave(s) associated with our products.

We offer payments via PayPal and Credit Card. We also support Cryptocurrency payments at the best prices.

Please send us an email at [email protected] if further questions arise.

Product delivery is instant after your order.

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